Three Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Today’s Job Market

Almost every day I am asked about the lack of qualified applicants.  There are generally lots of applicants but very few keepers.  Keepers would have the following:

-Reliable transportation

-Semi-stable job history

-Can communicate

-Limited background issues

-Actually show up to interview and work

Since I have owned my staffing company for the last 13 years there are several constants in the job market.

1-No one can follow directions.   Simple job postings with easy to follow steps cannot be followed.  Applicants routinely call with questions that are clearly answered in the posting.  Providing a rudimentary resume is a huge chore.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually read the document before sending it.

2-If your company is not reaching out to Millennials via the internet, you will be working at your company by yourself.  Having a good website, social media pages etc. allow folks to check your company out prior to sending in an application.  A bad company reputation can steer applicants away to your competitors. Are your sites mobile optimised? 40% of our internet traffic is via smart phone.

3-Loyalty and work ethic have changed.   Gone are the days of an employee working until retirement at your company.  You should be ecstatic for someone that makes it 2 years! In the next several years, Millennials and Gen Z will make up over 50% of the workforce.  This is not your Father’s workforce.  They value more time off, access to offsite work, more positive reinforcement and rapid advancement.

Knowing that these factors exist, dreamstimecomp_17241922 how do we proceed? Adjust your hiring parameters.  Plan for more training and development.  More  importantly, cross train to provide variety and backup  for when your workforce eventually leaves.  Don’t try to swim against the current, you won’t make it and be miserable in the process.


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