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Our Services

Momentum specializes in recruiting qualified candidates for your position while relieving you of the time and resources required to find new employees. We do not have a pool of pre-screened workers whom we "temp" to customers, rather we specialize our search for your particular job opening. Many customers initially ask us, how we can find employees better than them? The answer is: SPEED! Even in today’s economy, you must grab qualified candidates when they appear at your door. ASK US TO DISCUSS OUR UNIQUE PROCESS WITH YOU!

Our employees desire full time, not temporary positions. Momentum’s goal is to provide your company with qualified employees that will continue to be an asset far into the future. Since we are not offering "temporary jobs" but a place to call home, we find that higher quality applicants make their way to our door.

The application is filled out on premise and a Momentum recruiter conducts a one-on-one interview with each applicant. Once prescreened and approved, the applicant is presented with the available job opportunities. If the candidate is a good fit for your open position, we will schedule a second interview with your hiring manager. Since we advertise heavily for our positions, we archive all of our applicants. This not only reduces unnecessary second interviews and repeat phone inquiries, but also allows us to focus on the qualified applicants for your positions.

Momentum has experience in recruiting for a multitude of positions, including warehouse, production, non-CDL and commercial drivers, mechanics, construction, administrative (entry to executive level), dispatching, and managerial positions. Our commercial driver recruiting service includes complete DOT file processes and management.

Momentum offers several contract options. We currently offer direct hire-on, temp-to-perm, and payrolling contracts. You will find that our contract period terms are shorter than the staffing industry standards and our direct placement rates are highly competitive.

We are your human resource professionals and customize our recruiting and advertising to your job opening!


Why We Are Different

Why we are different from other staffing providers?

  1. We do our best to answer the phone when you call.  We find a personal approach is better for our customers.  Unless we have a caller on every line, a real person will answer the phone!

  2. Since our boutique firm is owned and operated in Phoenix, we know and understand the market in which your business operates.

  3. We are known as experts on workplace and hiring issues with local media.

  4. We are not just a “temp service” so we do not send bodies out to your job site.

  5. We sit down with you to review your job in person, not over the phone or on the internet.

  6. We are experts in using social media and non-traditional job search techniques.

  7. We have strict procedures for qualifying applicants guaranteeing that you see the best candidates available for your position.

  8. We actually drug test, verify past employment and run criminal background screens on every applicant.  If you want to see these reports, copies are available.

  9. If we cannot fill your position, we will tell you.  We will not try to force candidates on you that are not qualified.

  10. We do not simply send resumes to our customers.  ALL applicants will be interviewed in person by a Momentum staff member before we send the file over for you to review.

What Does An Employee Really Cost You?

If you pay an employee You are really paying

$13.50 per hour

$20.52 per hour


Cost Anlysis Breakdown Of Your Employees' Additional Costs
Fringe Benefits
  • Vacation (10 days)
  • 3.80%
  • Holiday (8 days)
  • 3.08%
  • Sick Days / Misc. Time off (approx. 3 days)
  • 1.15%
  • Medical Insurance (employer contribution)
  • 11.05%
    Total Fringe Benefit Cost: 19.08%
    Insurance Costs
  • Workers Compensation
  • 5.45%
  • Liability
  • 0.50%
    Total Insurance Costs 5.95%
    Taxes (Employer's Contribution)
  • Social Security / Medicare (FICA)
  • 7.65%
  • State Unemployment
  • 3.50%
  • Federal Unemployment
  • 0.80%
    Total Taxes 11.95%
    Administrative Costs
  • Human Resources Department
  • 15.00%
    time, personnel, recruiting, turnover,  
    government tax preparation and reporting,  
    payroll preparation and production, etc.  
    Total Administrative Costs 15.00%
    Total Employee Additional Costs 51.98%
  • Does not include Retirement, 401k, Profit Sharing, Etc.
  • Information based on industry averages.

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