Is your GPA the most important thing?

Recently I saw a Facebook post regarding our youth education matching the skills most companies want in employees.  Guess what?  Employers and youth education are not on the same trajectory.

In our school system, a ton of emphasis is put on the GPA which has lessened the importance of social or economic skills.  Think I am wrong?

Do you think someone below the age of 21 could tell you the difference between a socialist and capitalist? They can’t because it was never taught or explained in a historical perspective.

Have you seen the interviewers standing outside of major universities asking students questions?  Most of these folks can’t identify a picture of Ben Franklin.  Nice way to waste $100,000+ on school. Shocked?  I ‘m not, I see these people every day in my staffing company.

Today’s schools are a politically correct, sanitized, bubble like atmosphere that is not real world.  If you call someone a bad name, you are labeled a bully and punished.

No one is trained to deal with unpleasant issues. When you get chewed out by the boss today, you can’t run to the teacher, its HR.  We are teaching our children that it is ok to show minimal effort because everyone gets in line for their participation trophy. Guess what? Not in real life…

If you are the parent concerned that your youngster is not getting enough proper social stimulation, try some of these ideas courtesy of my father.

  • All adults are greeted (standing) with a handshake and a sharp look in the eye
  • Put phones and electronics away and discuss current events or subjects in school
  • Challenge youth to think for themselves and not take media reports as gospel
  • Teach youth how to dress for a work environment
  • Pot is not legal everywhere and if your drug test comes up positive you won’t get hired
  • Not everyone is college material. Help your kids decide where they fit in. AND support them.
  • Teach sound financial practices early

Regardless of our technological advances, not much is sold or managed through email, text or Snapchat.  If your product is, then you have a commodity and the next innovation will put you out of business.

Millennials need to be reminded that personal relationships matter in business the same way as they do in your social life.  People buy stuff from people they like or are like them.  Putting the phones down and actually talking to a person is a dying act.  Learn how to communicate. You may find that, in the long run, your GPA may mean very little but, if you have the right people skills, your bank account won’t.dreamstimecomp_14540149

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