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Why Do We Over Think the Interview Process?

In the last several years, I have noticed a proliferation of tests, multiple interviews and brainteasers used in the interview process. Is all of this necessary to find good employees? No would be my answer. More


Older job seekers face challenging times

Age catches up with everyone but with companies looking to trim costs and go leaner and meaner, and in many cases younger and cheaper, these are some of the most challenging times for an older job hunter. More


Boutique Staffing Company Opportunities with Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

As a boutique staffing company, I have thought about what opportunities this giant law may provide. If your firm is under 50 employees, you may find this Act to be a major windfall. More

Be judicious in reporting co-workers’ actions

Recently, there was an investigation of my department and some people were let go, with cause, after it was completed. Since then, I have witnessed and reported other employees doing the same actions that got the other people fired. More


Is Expecting Everyone to Attend College a Good Idea?

We have spent decades and millions of debt dollars trying to convince people to go to college and get that perfect job. In the meantime, we have thousands of skilled positions that go unfilled (truck drivers, plumbers, electricians etc) every year. Our entire education system is designed to push people to continuously seek higher education or out on the street. The problem is that not everyone is suited to go to college. More


Staffing Owner Wrote a Book … And So Can You

With its built-in readership’s desire to be inspired, enlightened, informed, or just merely told something they don’t already know, business advice is a major industry. But no matter how many books come out, few are even good enough to admit to having read, let alone are considered essential reading. The solution to this problem is simple: replace the authors. More


Staffing Experts’ Bold & Ridiculous Predictions for 2013

Lots of news outlets contact experts around this time of year to ask them for their predictions for the year ahead. But not like we do. No, we asked a handful of experts to do something special. Each expert has provided us with three headlines for 2013. More


Phoenix friends take to social media for election talk

Mike Hayes heads up Momentum Specialized Staffing in Phoenix and describes Mike Shaldjian of Media Watch AZ as more liberal than most. Shaldjian takes that comment as a badge of honor and is a huge supporter of President Obama. More


Co-worker needs to validate his complaints

A higher-ranking co-worker has been using the company computer to interact on inappropriate, but not illegal, websites. When I stumbled on printed evidence of this he left on the printer the morning after he claimed to work a late night, I pulled him aside and discreetly handed him the papers. Since then, he has made complaints to my supervisor about my work performance that I think are unfounded. The complaints affected my review. He has seniority over me, and a lot of pull with the big bosses. What can I do to resolve this? More


Stick with industry standard 2-week notice

I recently got a new job and don't start my new position for another month. I was going to give my current employer a month's notice instead of the usual two weeks, but my wife said I should give two weeks because sometimes employers ask you to leave immediately when you give notice. We can't afford to be without income for a whole month. What should I do? More


Promised job perks suddenly vanish

I recently accepted a job offer. But when I got the written offer, several of the items I was promised were not included. When I called back asking them to put those perks in writing, they balked and said that I might not be a good fit for the job after all. What can I do? I need the job. More


'Burned out' by 55-hour week

When I was hired as a restaurant manager, my salary was based on a Monday-Friday, 40-hour workweek. I have been working 55 hours, but I'm getting burned out. Is there anything I can do? More


The Workers That Vanished

In the last several months, there’s been a slow and steady decline in the U.S. unemployment rate, which decreased to 8.3 percent according to a February 3 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. More


Texting ban singling out semi-truck drivers?

The federal government has banned truckers from using hand-held cell phones and some trucking advocates said professional drivers are being singled out. More


Find new ways to get paid for industry knowledge

In years of working with employers and job hunters, staffing experts learn a lot about topics such as industry trends, hiring practices and management. More


5 tips to make a great first impression

A tough job market means that candidates must wow employers from the very first handshake. In this competitive job market, making that first winning impression is more critical than ever. More


Truck-driver shortage affecting industry

In your desperation for a steady job, perhaps you roll the dice and decide to become a truck driver. Think again; the gears are shifting. You just can't walk into those jobs anymore. More


How to find a top-notch agency

At the last agency I was with, people were dense about putting out top-notch work. How do I find a company with really smart, creative people that I can be proud to work. More

How to handle foreclosure, debt during job interview

Tough financial times can make your past look less than stellar. But focus on selling your skills. More


Inside An Entrepreneurial Mind: (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a two-part series on Michael Hayes of Momentum Specialized Staffing. If you have missed Part One, see below. More


Inside An Entrepreneurial Mind: (Part 1)

If you’ve heard of him before, there’s a good reason for that. If you have not, you probably will soon. The first reason springs from the entrepreneurial spirit that has been key to the decisions that have kept Momentum viable. More


Tips on what NOT to do with your job resumes

The economy may not be the only thing keeping employers hesitant to hire. Telling that white lie on your resume could be a deciding factor on whether or not you get the job. More


Film looks at white-collar struggle with job loss
"It's very hard to find a job if you're making more than $50000 a year," said Michael D. Hayes, owner of Momentum Specialized Staffing in Phoenix. More


You must prove you are ready to move up

Exploring new job opportunities isn't always easy. But ensuring that you're fulfilling your current job duties is the first step on that arduous climb toward a promotion. More


Surviving a bad performance review

Let's face it, no one likes to hear bad news, and a negative performance review is no exception. Performance evaluations can be especially devastating when the poor review comes as a surprise. More


Phoenix staffing firms see increase in permanent hires

Six of the top staffing agencies in the Phoenix area are reporting an increase in permanent job placements for the first time in two years. More


13 Ways to Sabotage a Job Interview

Have you been lucky enough to land a job interview or two, but can’t seem to bridge the gap between getting an interview and getting a job offer? What’s going on? More


It is never OK to take kids to an interview with an agency

Often, interviews with employment agencies are scheduled on very short notice, and it's hard to find a babysitter. Is it OK to take my 3-year-old and his younger sister with me? This is just the agency preview, not a real interview? More


13 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search

Looking for a new job but having no luck? You may be inadvertently sabotaging your efforts by making easy-to-avoid errors.  More


2.0 minutes with Mike Donley, owner Donley Service Center

What is one of your business goals for 2010? Grow the business. More


How to succeed after being let go

Losing a job, especially in this economy, is a scary thought. Unfortunately, with Arizona's unemployment rate hovering below 10 percent, it is a fact of life for many. More


Retaining Great Employees During a Recession is Important, Too

It's always important for employers to hire the best people they can possibly fine for the jobs they're offering. The hiring process is expensive and time consuming, and during a recession, companies cannot afford to replace poorly chosen employees. More


Health care is good career choice

Health care is a good place to look for a good job, according to a new White House report, and that holds true in the Valley. More


Outlook for recovery of Ariz. economy brightens

This Labor Day finds thousands of Arizonans wishing they could labor - for a paycheck. Jobs remain hard to secure, and the unemployment rate continues to rise. But there are hints that hiring is picking up. More


Feds advise businesses to brace for heightened H1N1 flu outbreak

Valley small businesses aren’t as prepared as large corporations to cope with the upcoming flu season and a possible H1N1 outbreak, which could put 40 percent of the work force out of commission. More


2.0 Minutes with Michael Hayes | Owner Momentum Specialized Staffing

Phoenix-based Momentum Specialized Staffing provides staffing in sales, transportation, administrative/clerical, skilled and unskilled labor. More


Execs say hiring, salaries top priorities

Hiring more staff and increasing salaries topped the list in a new Robert Half Finance Accounting survey, which queried 150 executives on their companies’ More


Ask the Expert

I am almost in the top tax bracket. Are there any simple ways to reduce my income taxes? More


Tougher times test AZ firms

It isn't clear in every case whether stock price was a factor in recent management changes at MicroAge Inc., SpeedFam International Inc., OrthoLogic Corp. or Rural/Metro Corp., More


Market drop puts squeeze on business

While most investors already have begun to feel the pinch of Wall Street's brutal performance lately, experts say Arizona businesses are only beginning to experience the effects of problems a bear market might create. More